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Heptacube Inc.
Montréal, Canada

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Welcome to Heptacube Inc. We are a software design studio based in Montreal, Quebec. Our main focus is web and database development by using proactive secure programming techniques.

Why Heptacube?

Check markQuality developement
Check markSecure and robust applications
Check markAffordable and reliable resources
Check markPersonalized and flexible solutions

Mastered programming languages:

PHP JavaScript
C/C++ Python
Java Flash

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Press review

Branham300 2008 (Febuary 2008)
We are proud to be listed in this last category (Top 25 Up and Comer) and take it as a great recognition for our R&D efforts. More fun and innovative work is to come in 2008! The Top 25 Up and Comers selection criteria are listed below: "Companies that have been established within the last three years (established after December 31, 2003) and show great promise within the IT industry based on creativity and innovation whether it be in a new technology area or optimizing existing technology in an innovative manner."

Le Lien Multimédia (December 2007)
The Lien Multimédia, a website dedicated to the publication of technological news, has decided to publish an article on Heptacube, more precisely on the R&D project Graphotron, a data transfer monotoring service for the use of Videotron customers. We are proud to be cited next to some of the biggest Web development companies of the country.

InfoEssence for mobile phones is now available!

 Experts predict that gasoline prices will continue to rise. To help motorists determine the best time to fill their gas tank, CAA-Quebec is making InfoEssence available. This tool assists the motorist in finding the lowest gasoline prices across the province of Quebec. This 'lowest price' is calculated from various official input sources obtained by CAA-Quebec. Be [...] read more.

A New PHP Tutorial is Now Available

 We recently published a new tutorial for our Corporate Wiki. The article describes steps required to program a simple and efficient PHP MySQL file storage engine. The suite is composed of only two scripts, but presents the complete technique for using $_FILE variables and Blob SQL fields. At the same time, we upgraded and moved [...] read more.

Heptacube will be at the Hackfest 2010

 The Hackfest 2010, an event on cybersecurity, will be held in Quebec city on 5-6 November and some employees will participate Saturday night at the Saturday’s night contest. Several conferences and competitions are scheduled during the two days and we strongly invite you. More details on the website of Hackfest 2010 (site in french) read more.

Web Tools to Merge to Heptacube Domain

 After several years building web tools and applications, it is time to merge our web products into one domain. This decision is strictly practical. Having a universal account for Heptacube products will help users explore the vast possibilities offered by our web applications. Merging our products, services and publications is the next logical step toward [...] read more.