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What is Cubeklix?

Created by Heptacube in 2008, Cubeklix is a marketing program that allows the publication of relevant ads throughout Heptacube's web pages portfolio. Cubeklix offers low rate advertising and provides worldwide visibility to its advertisers on high-quality websites that reach more than 1,000,000 unique users every month. It is entirely funded by Heptacube's research and development program, along with many other innovative projects.

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What makes Cubeklix different?

Choosing Cubeklix is opting for a service that allows you to customize your campaign. Cubeklix is the only marketing program that permits you to choose the websites where you want your ads to appear, and therefore to choose which specific customers you wish to target.

How can Cubeklix work for me?

Cubeklix may promote the growth of your business by increasing your visibility on the Web and by allowing you to target specific customers.

Check markReach hundreds of thousands of users monthly on many different websites
Check markTarget your ads by keywords and target specific customers
Check markOptimize your campain and ensure your visibility by choosing on which websites you want your ads to appear throughout Heptacube's web portfolio.
Check markTake advantage of our very low rates
Check markGet friendly customer service seven days a week