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Diffpuppy is an application that tells you whenever a specified site has changed. By adding a site to your account, you can receive changes directly by email and know which lines have been added or removed. Don't miss any news on your favorite sites. Register now!
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Obama Ordered Wave of Cyberatta cks Against Iran - NYTimes.[...]
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The New York Times - Breaking N ews, World News & Multi[...]
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NFC Forum : Technical Specifica tions[...]
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Book Examples
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MSDN Blogs
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IE8 Security Part IV: The XSS Filter - IEBlog - Site Home[...]
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Image scale : Image « 2D Graphics GUI « Java [...]
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Huge file storage in File Syste m vs Database | Akash Kava[...]
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MinGW | Minimalist GNU for Wind ows[...]
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 New statistics graphs for every URL

In a desire to constantly improve the quality of its products, Heptacube's R&D team has recently added a brand new feature to Diffpuppy. The Web application now has the unique ability of showing its users daily statistics concerning the changes made to all tagged URL's. As an example, this page shows ... read more.

 Try Diffpuppy!

Heptacube recently launched this present blog for promoting one of its most promising applications: Diffpuppy. While we could put it in the same basket as social networking sites and other so-called web 2.0 productions, Diffpuppy undoubtedly brings forth new functionnalities to the internet surfer's screen. Indeed, Diffpuppy is at first glance ... read more.